About Us

GIFT OF GOD MINISTRIES is a nonprofit, charitable, biblical based organization dedicated to bring restoration, healing and to provide practical assistance to those in need while delivering a message of freedom. We are dedicated to bring empowerment, restoration and healing and to minister to those who have suffered from abuse and neglect or are in need of encouragement and freedom from that which hinders from moving forward in life. We believe that the Word of God and personal healing ministry will break those chains. We develop outreach strategy, training, and make bionically based resources available to women, and families of our community. At Gift of God Ministries, we help and serve women to experience God’s unconditional love, forgiveness, and life-transforming power. Our ministry is also focused to teach, equip, prepare, activate and send out individuals from all denominations to include Catholics, spirit-filled and non-denominational Churches and to raise up Women of God who are willing to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit, declare the Glory of Lord and to be carriers of the Word of the Lord. Our desire is to restore gifts of the Holy Spirit back into church. Gods has a plan and purpose for every life, (Jeremiah 29:11,) our need is to understand God’s original design in life and ministry and how to work together in relationship with each other and our Lord. Our mission is to focus on having a genuine relationship with the Lord and to rise up ministers, leaders and individuals in God’s supernatural power to release His glory with signs, wonders and miracles to the nations.

DOROTA AND DAVID are founders of Gift of God and Living Waters Women’s Ministries.

DOROTA – “Little Polish Catholic Girl” is called and raised as a
women of prayer who is greatly used by God in prophetic ministry, intercession,
deliverance, healing, worship and spiritual warfare. She is dedicated to teaching
people to seek the love and presence of God. She is committed to serving God
motivating others to pray effectively, activating gifts of the Holy Spirit and
imparting the heart of the Father. She is called for tremendous ministry toward
women and involved with the Multicultural Catholic Charismatic Communities of USA and other denominations, spirit-filled and non-denominational Churches and Ministries.

DAVID -called to teach, empower, equip and train leaders and
individual in the Word and the demonstration of the supernatural power of God;
shares the fresh revelation of the word of God and carries a mission of restoring
all the gifts of the Holy Spirit and to do what Jesus did ( John 14:12). By way of
teaching the prophetic (Ministering Spiritual Gifts) to speaking the prophetic
word and heart of God and Apostolic works to do what Jesus did: “Heal the sick,
cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely ye have received,
freely give.” (Mt.10:8, Jn. 5:19, Mk.16:17).

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