Women’s Ministry

Bring Restoration to Women


to heal their souls

The Call to Womens Ministry

Dorota Brian is the founder of Gift of God Ministries and Living Waters Ministries. She moved from Poland to the United States where God dramatically shifted and redirected her life.

On June 27, 2013 the Lord had spoken to Dorota in a word of prophecy, declaring a “tremendous ministry towards women”, to rise up a team of women and ministry and to bring healing and restoration to the broken ones; God has given grace to heal their souls as she speak to them and lays hands on them as some of these women who have come from abuse and from neglect to bring healing to them. In addition to pioneer, extend and support, areas in Europe; that God would lay foundations for houses for people that we would be ministering to, causing people to change and that prophetic intercession will bring people to Christ. It was also prophesied the release the wells and rivers of the prophetic for leaders, government officials and women in the business arenas as they are looking for insight and instructions to see what the Spirit of God is saying concerning their situation.”

On May 20, 2016 great meetings began and have continued ever since, fulfilling the call of God for this phase of womens ministry to become active. Together, with other leaders, Dorota has ministered to hundreds of women. God has and is still touching lives through healing, saving and setting free, delivering, and restoring lives, families, and finances.

This ministry continues to grow and women, like you, are receiving freedom from their past, encouragement, directions, empowerment, activation, God’s purpose, calling, and vision to move forward in life, ministry, leadership, with guidance, wisdom through the Word of God and the Powerful Ministry of the Holy Spirit.

God is raising up Women of God throughout the world today who are willing to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit to declare the Glory of Lord and to be carriers of the Word of the Lord, is that you? Women ministry is taking place every Friday night, All women in the area are invited to our meetings.

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